Happy little Sunday things.

It’s Sunday once again! Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite finds on the Internet this week. Happy Sunday reading!


  • From Lady and Pup: A Wrong and Irresponsible Sandwich, aka Bruleed Monte Cristo. (Link here.)
  • Why Women Don’t Say, “I’m pretty.” (Link here.)
  • Navigating our National Food Anxiety. (Link here.)
  • From Eat This Poem: I’m really loving these literary city guides lately. (Link here.)
  • An interesting photography series. How do these people relate to one another? (Link here.)
  • Some of the coolest photos from this week’s POLAR VORTEX. (Link here.)

root beer miso ice cream

  • From From Belly to Bacon: Root Beer and Red Miso Ice Cream. (Link here.)
  • Mindy Kaling responds to critics of her Elle magazine cover, and it’s awesome, and I love her. (Link here.)
  • From Sarah Wilson: Allow Time. (Link here.)
  • Creative ways to use your kitchen appliances. (Link here.)
  • This video of a 120 pound woman devouring a 72 ounce steak in under 3 minutes is inspiring. (Link here.)


  • From Greek Kitchen Stories: Cashewgurt. (Link here.)
  • 100 Years Of Fashion In 100 Seconds. (Link here.)
  • Lena Dunham forced to defend her nudity… again. (Link here.)
  • In case you didn’t get enough polar vortex stuff this week, here’s boiling water turned into snow in mid-air. (Link here.)
  • This man is having a relationship with his local Applebees. And it’s weird and awesome. (Link here.)


  • From The Healthy Foodie: Paleo Chestnut Fruit Cake. (Link here.)
  • Chang-Rae Lee is out with a new novel. And it’s dystopian. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. (Link here.)
  • Being A Feminist Is Actually Good For Your Love Life. (Link here.)
  • A cafe in London where you pay by the minute and food is free! (Link here.)
  • From Smitten Kitchen: Coconut Tapioca Pudding with Mango. (Link here.)



  1. mmmm! That monte cristo sandwich sounds ADORABLE! Ive done a long run today, loved every minute of it but Ive been left feeling starving ALL DAY so when Im seeing stuff like this its making me want to go a littole bit nuts lol! Thanks for all these posts, they dont help my waistline, hence why I run 😉

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