Happy little Sunday things.

Hey, it’s Sunday. Happy Sunday reading!

[Leaf Parade. Happy little Sunday things.]

  • If this gnocchi recipe from Lady and Pups doesn’t inspire you to make gnocchi this weekend, then there is probably no hope for you. ()
  • I loved this body love piece from Metamorphicity. ()
  • Homemade yogurt kefir. Yes. ()
  • Let’s think about gender. ()
  • White Pizza Grilled Cheese. DIDYA HEAR THAT GUYS? ()
  • Everyday objects redesigned to make you uncomfortable. ()
  • Let me at these Quinoa-Crusted Chicken Tenders. ()
  • Important life lessons learned from pizza. ()
  • These Rhubarb and Rye Cinnamon Tartlets are fueling my rye obsession. Must. ()

[Leaf Parade. Happy little Sunday things.]——

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  1. That homemade kefir smoothie aaaahhhhh I want it! I haven’t fermented anything in far too long. Foodie problems.

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